This article describes the 'General' tab options available via the ‘Manage categories’ self-service functionality. To configure your organisation's categories, you must be granted the ‘Can manage categories’ permission. 

‘General’ tab

To update a category, click on its name. You will be taken to the ‘General’ tab and will see the below details: 


Edit the name of the category as it appears everywhere in SnapHire. To edit the name that presents to candidates in the registration and application forms, use the ‘Manage registration questions’ self-service functionality. 


The category code is used in reporting and for other functions such as integrations. Please do not change the category code. 


This cannot be changed after the category is created. For more information on category types, please read the ‘Manage categories overview’ article.


For detailed information about editing the category values, please read the 'Important considerations before adding or editing values' and  ‘How to edit category values’ articles before making any changes.

Make sure you click ‘Save’ when you have finished updating the settings.

Next steps

Please ensure you read and understand all the category self-service articles before making any changes and if you are unsure, please contact us hello@aotal.com for assistance.