This article describes how to order categories via the ‘Manage categories’ self-service functionality. To configure your organisation's categories, you must be granted the ‘Can manage categories’ permission. 

How to reorder categories

Use the ‘More’ drop-down and select ‘Admin’ to access the ‘Manage categories’ section under the ‘System configuration’ group. Select ‘Manage categories’ to view a table of the existing categories, showing the Name, Code and Type.

To edit the order that the categories appear on the 'Categories' tab of the job wizard and the refine search pages for jobs and candidates, select the “Edit table” button below the main table. Drag and drop the value(s) and then click Save.

To update the order of categories in the registration or application form, use the 'Manage registration questions' functionality. 

Next steps

Please ensure you read and understand all the category self-service articles before making any changes and if you are unsure, please contact us hello@aotal.com for assistance.