This article describes the 'Settings' tab options available via the ‘Manage categories’ self-service functionality. The ‘Settings’ tab includes settings that control the category's mandatory settings, and other settings depending on the type of category. To configure your organisation's categories, you must be granted the ‘Can manage categories’ permission. 

‘Settings’ tab

To update a category, click on its name. You will be taken to the ‘General’ tab, select the 'Careers site' tab to update the below options.

Please note

This tab does not appear for ‘Internal tracking’ categories as it is not relevant.


Manage whether values must be selected for this category:

  • when users when edit or create jobs* 
  • when candidates when edit their profile or apply for jobs (only appears for ‘Profile/Search agent’ categories)
  • when agency users when edit a candidate’s profile or apply for jobs on their behalf (only appears for ‘Profile/Search agent’ categories)

*If you update an existing optional 'Job specific' or ' Profile/search agent' category to be mandatory when users edit or create jobs, existing jobs that were previously 'Complete', will now show as 'Incomplete'. This won't impact the job's advertising, but it may mean the job must be edited and a selection made for the category before further actions can be completed for the job. 

Please note

The below options don’t appear for ‘Job seeker additional info’ and ‘Job seeker private info’ categories as they are not relevant. 

Job selection mode 

Manage the job and pipeline job selection criteria for the category. Often your 'Business group' or 'Cost code' category is configured to be 'single selection of leaf' for reporting reasons, and changing this could impact your ability to report accurately. If you use pipelines for recruitment and aren't sure of the impact of changing this selection, please contact hello@aotal.com before making any changes. 

Add this category to job titles

Manage whether the selection from the category should be added to the end of the job title. This is useful if many of your jobs have the same name e.g. 'Support worker' and you'd like the location of the job to always display next to the job title e.g. 'Support worker - Wellington Central'. This will appear as such to both users and candidates.


If ‘Add this category to job titles’ is enabled for the category, manage the order in which the category should appear after the job title. 

If 'Add this category to job titles' is enabled for more than one category, you can change the order they appear in e.g. 'Support worker - Wellington Central Full time". In this example, this option is enabled for the 'Location' and 'Work type' categories and the 'Location' category has position '1' and 'Work type' has position '2'. 

Job wizard appearance

Select if the category should present as a list box or as an auto-suggest box with tree when creating or editing a job. Usually, the auto-suggest box with tree is used when there are a lot of values and a complex hierarchy, and it might be easier for a user to type into the search box and have matches suggested. Example of an auto-suggest box with tree: 

Collapse selector widget on load

Manage whether the selector widget of the job wizard displays the values of the category as collapsed or expanded by default. When the category values are collapsed, users need to select the arrow to the left of the check box to expand the hierarchy. 

Sometimes clients find having the hierarchy collapsed leads to users selecting the entire branch, rather than a specific value. But if the list of values is long, having the hierarchy expanded, may cause the user to have to scroll to find the relevant value. 

Example of a collapsed selector widget in a list box:

Make sure you click ‘Save’ when you have finished updating the settings. 

After making changes, please view the category as a user and/or candidate to ensure you’re happy with the changes. 

Next steps

Please ensure you read and understand all the category self-service articles before making any changes and if you are unsure, please contact us hello@aotal.com for assistance.