This article describes the create ‘New category’ option available in the ‘Manage categories’ self-service functionality. To create a new category you must be granted the ‘Can manage categories’ permission. The ‘Manage categories’ menu will then be visible on the Admin tab under the ‘System configuration’ heading.  

Before you start

When creating a new category, it will be visible inside SnapHire to users, and (if it’s a Profile/Search agent category) in the careers site search functionality immediately, so it’s important to consider and prepare the below details before starting. 

Review all the 'Categories self-service' articles. 

Consider the purpose of your new category 

  • Who should be able to see and use the category i.e. candidates and/or users?

  • Is it to collect data to be used in reporting? 

  • Will the data be used for integrations? If yes, consider if the values must align with those in other systems. 

  • How specific do the values need to be? 

  • If the category is visible to candidates, are the values worded in a candidate-friendly way so they will understand what selections to make?

  • Are there any categories or data fields already collecting the same or similar data? 

  • Instead of creating a new category, should an existing category be updated? 

Collect the key details needed to set up your new category

  • ‘Name’ - Decide on a name for the category. This can be updated later if needed 

  • ‘Code’ - Decide on the category code. This cannot be changed once saved but is not visible to users or candidates

  • ‘Type’ - Decide on the correct category type. This cannot be changed once saved, and it is very important to select the correct type

  • 'Values' - List all the values in a document or a spreadsheet, ensuring each value is on its own line and without any commas or other punctuation symbols.

To find out more about the category types, read the ‘Manage categories overview’ article or select the different options under the ‘Type’ drop-down and read the information that is presented in the tip box. Ensure you do not select ‘Save’ until you have decided on the correct category type. If you aren’t sure what option to select, please contact Client Success at hello@aotal.com to discuss prior to creating your new category. 

Create your new category

Select the 'New category' button at the bottom of the categories table in the 'Manage categories' self-service screen. 

Enter the name, code and select the category type. Copy and paste your values into the 'Values' section. If your category needs a hierarchy, you must add the hierarchy or additional branch values after saving your category.

Once you have selected ‘Save’ your new category will be created. 

You can select each new value to add the value details. For instructions on how to do this, please read the 'How to add or edit category values' article. 

A new profile/search agent type category will automatically be visible to candidates when they are refining a job search on your careers site. It will be under the ‘show advanced’ and sit at the bottom of the list as per the default settings on the 'Careers site' tab of the category self-service screen until further changes are made. 

Work through all of the options on each of the tabs to make selections for your new category.  For information on the options available and how to make changes, please read the ‘Careers site’ tab, and ‘Settings tab’ articles. 

Other important steps

‘Profile/search agent’ or ‘Job seeker additional/private info’ categories

If you have created a new ‘Profile/search agent’, or ‘Job seeker additional/private info’ category, you must add a new registration question using the ‘Manage registration questions’ self-service screen for candidates to see the new category and make selections. For instructions on how to do this, please read the 'Manage registration questions' article. 


If needed, you can reorder the category. For instructions on how to do this, please read the 'Ordering categories' article. 

Check your category

Once you have finished setting up your new category, please review the category as a user and candidate (if applicable) and if needed use the ‘Manage category’ self-service screens to update the values and settings.

Careers advert job details table

You might want your new category into the job details table on your careers site adverts. If you do, please email hello@aotal.com to request this. 

Contact us

Please ensure you read and understand all the category self-service articles before making changes to existing categories and if you are unsure, please contact us hello@aotal.com for assistance.

To read more about using categories, please review the below article: