• Registration questions are presented to candidates as optional questions when they register or sign in to update their details on the careers site.
  • Registration questions that are defined as mandatory by your organisation, will become mandatory when the candidate applies for a job.
  • Answers to registration questions are saved to the candidate's profile, rather than to their specific job application(s).

This article explains the steps for configuring your registration questions within SnapHire.

To make configuration changes you will need to be granted the permission ‘Can manage registration questions’. This permission grants users the ability to create, edit and delete registration questions. The 'Manage registration questions' menu item becomes available on the 'Admin' tab (under the 'Job seeker questions' menu).

Managing your registration questions

You can create, edit and delete registration questions. Any updates to registration questions are immediately visible to candidates. 

To manage your registration questions, go to the Admin tab and select the 'Manage registration questions' option.


Candidate details

Candidate detail questions are pre-defined attributes of the candidate profile, such as name or address. If you use the SnapHire application form, you will be able to manage candidate details.

Below is a list of all of the available candidate details questions:

  • Title
  • First name*
  • Middle name
  • Last name*
  • Preferred name
  • Street address
  • City
  • Region / State
  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Phone 1
  • Phone 2
  • Privacy setting
  • Where did you hear about us?* 
  • Web page URL
  • Job alerts*

The below options can be configured by users:

  • Heading and question text
  • Mandatory setting
  • Question visibility by candidate type*
  • Adding and deleting a question*
  • Job family mapping*

*These questions cannot be deleted, mapped to categories or job families, or visibility configured to candidate types. These fields are required for standard SnapHire functionality. 

Profile / categories

Categories are used to match candidates to jobs. Candidates can subscribe to receive job alerts about new jobs that are opened that match their profile selections. If you use the SnapHire application form, you will be able to manage profile / categories details.

The below options can be configured by users:

  • Heading and question text 

The below options can only be configured/completed by SnapHire Client Success:

  • Adding, removing, and editing values
  • Mandatory setting
  • Selection options
  • Adding and deleting a category

Categories cannot be mapped to job families. 


If you use the SnapHire application form, you will be able to manage resume details. The below options can be configured by users:

  • Heading and question text
  • Allowing/not allowing text input
  • Mandatory setting
  • Visibility settings
  • Adding and deleting the resume questions
  • Job family mapping

To create a new registration question

  1. Click on the 'Add new question' button

  2. Select a question type from the box. 

  3. Enter in the question content and adjust the question settings. You will be required to enter a question "Code", please click here to learn more.

  4. Click the 'Save' button. Please note that once this question is saved, you will not be able to change the question type.

There are various question types and settings available to you when creating a new question. 

  • To find you more about these, please visit the Job wizard questions tab article. 
  • Registration questions that are mandatory, will only become mandatory when the candidate applies for a job.
  • The EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) question setting is specific to registration questions. To find out more about the EEO question setting, please visit the EEO article.

To edit an existing registration question

You can edit the content and settings of the question. You will not be able to change the question type.

  1. Click on a question you want to edit
  2. Make the applicable changes
  3. Click 'Save'

You can delete and/or inactivate answers to multi-choice questions.

  • Delete: This action removes the choice and all its previous answers. Therefore, this choice will not appear in any reports after being deleted.
  • Inactivate: This action makes the choice not visible to candidates but still appears in your report.

To delete an existing question

When you delete a registration question, it can no longer be reported on using the standard Business Objects Reporting. However, you can still access candidates' answers to these questions by clicking on the 'Old registration questions' link which sits underneath the General questions section on the candidate's profile (see image below). This link is only present if old/deleted registration questions have been answered by the candidate.

  1. Click on a question you want to delete
  2. Scroll down and click on the red 'Delete' button
  3. Confirm the deletion by clicking on the second 'Delete' button.

Other settings

The 'Edit' button, shown below, allows you to access a few other settings.

Drag & Drop

You can change the order of the questions by clicking on theicon in the far left column and dragging and dropping the questions into their desired new order.

Map to job families

You can map your registration questions to your job families. When you map a registration question to a job family, the question will only be asked of candidates that have applied for a role belonging to that job family. 

If a candidate simply signs up for your site, without applying for a job, they will not be asked any of the registration questions that are mapped to your job families. It is only when they apply for a job, that the job family-mapped registration questions will be asked (provided that they are applicable). 

  1. Tick on the boxes in the job family columns that the question applies to. You will notice that when you map a question to a job family, the tick in the "General question" box gets removed, signifying that the question is no longer ''general''.
  2. Click "Save".

To understand how to map your questions to your job families, please refer to the screenshot below:

  • For a job family (e.g. "Country"), if one job family value is ticked on (e.g. "New Zealand"), it means that only that value is relevant and the other values within that job family are disregarded (e.g. "Australia").
  • If no values within a certain job family or ticked on (e.g. "Employment type"), it means that all values are applicable. Similarly, if all values were ticked on for that job family (e.g. "Replacement" & "New job", it means that all values are applicable. 

Map to category values  

Registration questions can be mapped to category values e.g. expertise. This feature is currently not a self-service feature, rather it is view-only. If you are interested in mapping your questions to category values, please get in touch with SnapHire Client Success at hello@aotal.com.