This article covers how to add, edit, inactivate, transfer or delete category values via the ‘Manage categories’ self-service functionality. To configure your organisation's category values, you must be granted the ‘Can manage categories’ permission. 

This article covers:

  • Adding new category values
  • Adding/editing value details 
  • Inactivating, transferring or deleting category values

There are some changes that cannot be undone. Before making any changes please ensure you read and understand the below article: 

Adding new category values

On the ‘Manage categories’ screen: 

  1. Select the category that the new value should be added to
  2. Click on the ‘Add values’ button to add values in bulk
  3. Select a parent value if applicable, and enter the multiple values, separated by a new line for each value
  4. Alternatively, click on an existing value to add a new sub-value and nest inside other values to create a hierarchy.

Adding/editing value details

Click on the name of the new value to edit or add additional details, including:

  • Name - The name of the category value as it should appear to users and candidates. Try to keep the values presented in a consistent way e.g. consider the use of capitalisation in the other values in this category. 
  • Code - A unique code to identify the value. This can be used in other parts of the system to retrieve information about this value. Usually, these are all uppercase with no spaces. 
  • Appointment booker detail field and Description field - The detail and description for appointment booker email notifications (only applicable to the geo-coded category). If you aren’t sure if this field is relevant for your category value(s), you can check whether any existing values have details in these fields or email hello@aotal.com to check if it is required. 
  • Position - Use these selections to change the position of the value in the list. If the value shouldn't be under a branch, leave the 'Parent value' as 'Menu root'. Use the 'Upper sibling' selection to select the value that will sit above the value you are editing. To quickly update the order of values, you can select a value in the list and drag and drop it into a new position. 
  • Image - An image is normally only associated with category values that are 'Internal tracking' type. Adding a small image or icon visually highlights candidates who have the value added, and can be helpful when screening new applications or doing talent pooling activities. If you are adding a new image to an 'Internal tracking' category, the image/icon will automatically be added to the 'Legend' that sits below lists of candidates. You may also want the image automatically added to candidates when using actions such as 'Decline as XXX' under the application menu or a 'Mark candidate as XXX' under the Job seeker menu. Please contact the Client Success team hello@aotal.com to request these configuration changes.

Click the blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. 

Inactivating, transferring or deleting category values

To quickly inactivate or activate a value, click on the green (active) or grey (inactive) dot next to the name of the value you want to update. Alternatively, place your mouse cursor over the value you want to edit, and select the ‘Delete’ option. If the value doesn’t have any previous answers, the value will be deleted immediately. 

If the value has been previously answered, information about the historical data will appear, including how many jobs or candidates have the value selected. This may help you decide if you want to inactivate a value, transfer the answers to another value, or delete the value entirely. The category and value may also be used in other configuration options including answers, action types and site settings. If your value has answers to these options, and you want to permanently delete the value, contact hello@aotal.com before making this change. 

Select from the following options:

  • Inactivate this value
  • Transfer previous answers to another value*
  • Delete the value and all its answers permanently

*If you select ‘Transfer previous answers to another value’, you will also need to select the value that the answers should be transferred to. 

Make sure you click ‘Save’ when you have finished adding, editing, inactivating, transferring or deleting your category values.

Next steps

Please ensure you read and understand all the category self-service articles before making any changes and if you are unsure, please contact us hello@aotal.com for assistance.