Users that have been granted the permission 'Can view and edit image tab' will be able to view and use the 'Image' tab when editing a job.  Any instructions that appear at the top of this tab may have been tailored for your organization.

This tab allows you to associate an image with your advertisement text that will appear on the careers site when candidates view your job.

Managing the image associated with the job

When you click the 'Edit image' button the tab will refresh to allow you to add/change the associated image:

Here, you will be able to:

  • See the current image selected for the job (if any).
  • Set the job to have no image, if one has previously been selected.
  • Use an image from the image gallery – click the 'Select image' button to open your gallery, and then click the 'Choose' link under the image you wish to use.  


  • To ensure all jobs have an image associated with them, your organization may have selected a 'Default' image for your careers site.  When selected, this image will automatically appear for all job adverts unless an image has been specified here in the image tab.  If a default image applies to your site, it will not be visible here in the Image tab of the job wizard, but can be seen when previewing a job advertisement (JOB \ Preview).
  • Users with the permission 'Manage image gallery' can search, add, remove or replace images stored in the SnapHire image gallery. Read the 'Manage image gallery' article for more information.