This article provides an overview of the manage image gallery self-service functionality. Users must be granted the 'Can manage image gallery' permission to search, add, remove or replace images stored in the SnapHire image gallery.

Use the 'More' drop-down and select 'Admin' to access the 'Image gallery' section under the 'Careers site' group. 

About the image gallery

The image gallery allows you to store images that can be attached to individual jobs via the image tab of the job wizard. When an image is selected, it appears beside the job advert text once the candidate clicks through to the job details, or beside the advert summary when viewing a list of ‘Featured’ jobs. Click here to read more about the ‘Image’ tab in the job wizard.


Use the keyword search bar to search the gallery image titles e.g. search for a brand name to find all the associated images. Naming the image appropriately before adding it to the gallery will help with searching in the future.

Add new image

Use the ‘Add new image’ button to select an image from your files. Before adding the image to your gallery, ensure it is named appropriately and has the correct dimensions for your careers site (approximately 400 pixels wide will fit most of the cases e.g. 400x300 pixels, 400x250 pixels etc). If you’re unsure what the image dimensions should be, review the dimensions of existing images for guidance or contact hello@aotal.com if you require assistance.

Image menu

Mouse over the image to view the menu icon on the top right-hand corner of the image. Select the menu icon to view the options:

  • View image
  • Replace
  • Delete

View image

Click directly on the image, or use the menu icon on the top right-hand corner of the image and choose ‘View image’ to view the full image. Use the X on the top right-hand side corner to close the full-screen image. Mousing over the image or selecting ‘View image’ displays the image file name, dimensions and file type.

Replace image

Replacing an image will automatically change the image anywhere it is being used on your site. This is helpful if a brand logo or similar is updated and you want to update all uses of the logo/gallery image. Note that replacing an image cannot be undone.

Select ‘Upload new image’ and select an image from your files.

Delete image

Deleting an image will remove the image from your image gallery and from any jobs that had it selected. Note that deleting an image cannot be undone.