In the 'Manage duplicate' screen, you can use the Mark as 'Not duplicate profile' button when you have confirmed that two or more candidate profiles are not duplicates to each other (i.e. they are different people).  This will remove the 'Duplicates may exist' icon (if it was appearing) and apply the 'Not duplicate profile' icon:

Using the Mark as 'Not duplicate profile' button

To apply this icon:

  1. In the manage duplicates screen, select the applicable candidate profiles.
  2. Click the Mark as 'Not duplicate profile' button.

  3. The icon is applied to the selected candidate profiles.
  4. Your actions will be recorded in the candidate history section for all candidate profiles changed. You can click on the history item link and see more information:
    • All impacted profiles have the: <Recruiter name> has confirmed that this job seeker(s) is not a duplicate profile of <list of other job seekers who had this label applied at the same time as the job seeker being viewed>