If any advertising is required outside of your careers website, or automated job board postings, it can be arranged via an integrated media partner.  Currently, SnapHire has integrations with Adcorp (to their Connect2 website) and Haines (to their Haineslink website) which can be accessed directly from SnapHire.  

If your organisation uses a different media partner, we may have worked with you to configure a customised workflow that allows you to ask your specific media partner for assistance with your advertising requirements.  If this has been configured for you, it will be available from the JOB \ Advertise menu.  Please contact Client Success for further assistance.

This article includes:

Accessing via SnapHire

In order to place a job via an integrated media partner, you must have first been set up to automatically sign in in to Connect2/Haineslink directly from SnapHire.  Please contact Client Success for assistance.

To access Connect2 and Haineslink via SnapHire:

  1. Select the job – either from the Job details view or by selecting ☑ in the Job list view.
  2. Choose JOB \ Advertise and then select via Connect2 or Haineslink depending on your media partner.
  3. After a few seconds, you will be logged into Connect2 or Haineslink and relevant job information pre-populated for you.
  4. Your site has a default advertising tracking code set for the media partner (e.g. 'AC2' or 'HL').  When posting the advert via Connect2 or Haineslink, the advertise link is included in the information that appears in the description text. However, as SnapHire doesn’t know which advertising tracking code you want associated with this particular advert, it includes the default advertising tracking code for the media partner (e.g. 'AC2' or 'HL').
  5. You need to copy the URL provided in the description text, paste it into the 'Application URL' field, and then replace the default code with the correct tracking code for the specific advertisement.


  • You need to make sure your media partner understands the importance of using the correct advert links and codes. Check-in with your account manager - if they are aware of your sourcing statistics requirements, they should be able to ensure any Recruiter who forgets to replace the default code with the specific tracking code is contacted.
  • If you need a new advertising tracking code added for your site, users with the permission 'Manage job boards' can do this via the Manage advertising tracking codes self-service functionality.

Information for media partners

At the bottom of this article is a PDF you can download that explains what is required by your media partners.  Please distribute this to your media contacts as/when required.