Advertising tracking codes are used to track the performance of the different advertising sources your organisation uses. Reporting on the registrations, applications and hires from each of the advertising methods, provides valuable information to assist you in determining the most effective advertising options. 

The correct advertising tracking code is automatically attached to the link created when using an integrated job board, but if a recruiter uses a non-integrated job board or an offline advertising method, they will need to select the correct advertising tracking code available under the JOB menu, usually under a branch called ‘Build advertisement text’, and copy the code or link to use when setting up the advertisement. 

If a candidate visits your SnapHire careers website without using a link that includes an advertising tracking code (and they don’t search for a job using a job code with a tracking code), a list of advertising options will appear in the registration and application forms. This allows the candidates to select how they heard about the careers site or job.

To read more about using sourcing and advertising tracking codes, please review the below folder: 

Managing your advertising tracking codes

Maintaining the advertising tracking codes available on your site is a self-service area. It’s important to create, inactive or activate advertising tracking codes when relevant so that the options available to your recruitment team and candidates are correct and your reporting is as accurate as possible.  

To create new or update existing advertising tracking codes for your SnapHire site, you need the permission 'Can manage advertising tracking codes'.  Once granted, the 'Manage advertising tracking codes' configuration hub section on the Admin tab becomes available. 

There are two types of advertising tracking codes - online and offline codes. Select the type of advertising tracking code you want to create or edit to begin. 

When viewing the list of tracking codes you will be shown the active tracking codes by default. 

Use the toggle to display or hide inactive tracking codes.

To edit an existing advertising option, click on the tracking code name to be taken to the details. Or to create a new tracking code, use the 'Create new' button. You see the same page without any details if you choose to create a new tracking code. 

  • Name - ensure the name of the advertising is correct
  • Code - choose a short code. Don't change this once created as it may impact your advertising tracking reporting
  • Status - choose 'Active' or 'Inactive'
  • Candidate visibility - choose 'Visible' or 'Not visible'
  • URL - enter the main URL for the online advertising source. Note this is not an option if creating or editing an offline tracking code
  • Apply now instructions - these instructions will appear to a recruiter to copy when copying an advertising tracking code via the JOB menu
  • XML setting - this field is used by the SnapHire Client Success team. Please do not change anything in this field if you edit an advertising tracking code. Note this is not an option if creating or editing an offline tracking code

Select 'Save' to save your changes or create the new advertising tracking code. 

Advertising tracking codes can be deleted, however, this will also delete any history of the advertising tracking code being used. We recommend you use the inactivate option unless you created the advertising tracking code by mistake. 

If you select the 'Delete' button you will be shown how many times the advertising tracking code has been used so you can understand the impact of deleting the code before selecting 'Confirm deletion'. 

For more information or any questions on managing your advertising tracking codes, please contact the SnapHire Client Success team at hello@aotal.com.