In the 'Manage duplicate' screen, when you have confirmed that two or more profiles relate to the same person, you can link these together by using the 'Link' button available in the 'Manage duplicates' screen.  To link candidate profiles together you first need to view the applicable candidate profiles in a list - if you are linking together candidates who have completely different candidate profiles you may need to tag them first (private tags), and then view the candidates with the tag name to see them in a list (and then you can remove the tag etc).

This article includes:

Using the 'Link' button

To link job seekers:

  1. Select the applicable candidate profiles - there is no limit to the number of candidate profiles that can be linked:
  2. Click the 'Link' button.

  3. The screen will update and only the candidates you selected will be included:
  4. Select which profile should be used going forward for this person - this is called the master profile (it is the master to all of the other subordinate profiles for this person) and the candidate can function as normal.  
    The other selected candidate profiles will be linked under this master, and they are called the subordinate profiles.  Please note that as soon as a candidate profile has been marked as subordinate there are limitations to the activities they can carry out (refer below).
  5. Click Link.
  6. Your actions will be recorded in the candidate history section for all candidate profiles changed. You can click on the history item link and see more information:
    • On the Master profile, you will see: <Recruiter name> has made this job seeker the 'Master profile' of <List of subordinate profiles>
    • On subordinate profile(s) you will see: <Recruiter name> has made this job seeker a 'Subordinate profile' of <Master profile>
  7. The profiles are now linked together:
    1. The profile that you selected as the Master will now show the 'Master profile' icon.
    2. The other profiles (i.e. the subordinates) now show the 'Subordinate profile' icon.


  • The 'Link' action can be undone using the 'Unlink' button.
  • If you have a group of profiles linked together for the same person, and then they apply again using another email address (i.e. creating another profile) you can link this to the group:
    1. Select the new profile and any one of the group of profiles that is currently linked (use candidate TAGS if required).
    2. Choose CANDIDATE \ Duplicate management \ Manage duplicate candidates to open the 'Manage duplicates' screen.  
    3. Select the existing master, and the new profile, then click LINK.
    4. Confirm the master, then click LINK.
    5. Your actions will be recorded in the candidates history section for all candidate profiles changed.
  • Please note that if your site uses the Recruiter Teams feature, you will not be able to see the candidate applications for other teams in the 'Active apps' column (unless you have been granted the permission 'Can view all jobs across recruiter teams' which will allow you to see all applications for the candidate across all teams set up on your site).

Limitations imposed on a subordinate candidate

As soon as you have used the 'Link' button and set one or more candidate profiles as Subordinate, then limitations are imposed on the subordinate candidate.

The candidate is able to:

Sign in to the careers site?Yes
Edit their details?Yes
Undertake any required actions on an active job application? (e.g. onboarding)Yes
View any past job applications?Yes
Complete any draft job applications?No - the 'Draft job applications' tab will no longer be visible.
Receive job alerts?No - even if their profile is set to 'subscribed'.
Create a new job application?No - because you want them to use the master profile now.
See an 'Apply' button on job advertisements when signed into the careers site?No - because they are signed in, SnapHire recognizes they are a subordinate profile.

Instead of the apply button on the job advert:
 - Candidates see the following message (the email address show in the onscreen message is that of the related master profile):  Sorry, you cannot apply for this job. This account has been linked to your master account - john.smith@aotal.com. Please use your master account to apply.
 - Agency users see the following message:  Sorry, you cannot apply for this job on behalf of this candidate. This account has been linked to another profile. If you believe this is incorrect, please contact our recruitment team to unlink this account, or to mark this as the master account for this candidate.
See an 'Apply' button on job advertisements when not signed into the careers site?Yes - because they are not signed in, SnapHire cannot know if they are/are not a subordinate profile.

If/when they click the:
 - SnapHire or Simple Apply 'Apply' buttons:  They are asked to sign in to the careers site, and then SnapHire recognizes that they are a subordinate candidate so returns them to the job advert with the apply buttons now replaced with the message outlined above.