Use this screen to manage duplicate candidates.  You can review candidate profiles, and after reviewing, apply markings to indicate that you have:

  • Confirmed that they ARE NOT a duplicate profile.
  • Confirmed that they ARE a duplicate profile.
  • Link duplicate candidate profiles together and select which one should be the master profile (which will be the profile used going forward).

This article includes:

Accessing the 'Manage duplicates' screen

To access this screen, when viewing a list of candidates:

  1. Select two or more candidates whom you wish to review further or apply markings to.
  2. Choose CANDIDATE \ Other \ Manage duplicate candidates. 
  3. The 'Manage duplicates' screen will appear:

TIP:  If this menu option is not available, please contact Client Success to have this feature enabled on your site for Recruiter users.

Using the 'Manage duplicates' screen

The 'Manage duplicates' screen provides a summary of the key information about the candidates whose profiles are listed.  You can see their various markings and compare their email address, name, last sign of life, application information, address, and phone number information.

Directly below the table of candidate information is a legend that displays key icons that relate to this feature.

In this screen, you can:

  1. Review their current resume (if the candidate has a resume available):  Use the 'Download resume' button to quickly access the candidate's resume.  If the resume is a text file, the 'View resume' button will also be available.
  2. Review their current duplicate markings (if any) and any other indicators/markings (e.g. internal, external, agency, postal, user-managed etc).
  3. Review their candidate and application details:  Click on an email address to open the candidate profile in a new tab/window (leaving the manage duplicates screen available to you in the original tab/window).
  4. Indicate your review outcome:  After your review, select the applicable job seeker profiles and then use the buttons to indicate your outcome:


  • With regards to the 'Active apps' and 'Total apps' columns:  If your site uses the Recruiter Teams feature, it is important to note that you will not be able to see the candidate applications for other teams (unless you have been granted the permission 'Can view all jobs across recruiter teams' which will allow you to see all applications for the candidate across all teams setup on your site).
  • The columns of candidate information displayed in the manage duplicates screen are not customizable by your organization.
  • To work with candidates in the manage duplicates screen you first need to view the candidate profiles in a list.  If working with candidates who have completely different names/email addresses this means you may need to tag them first (private tags is recommended), and then view the tag details to see them in a list (and then you can remove the tag etc).
  • If accessing the 'Manage duplicates' screen by clicking on one of the related icons, the complete range of manage duplicates buttons may not be available, and the CANDIDATE action menu on the left will not be available.  If you want to make changes other than those available you will need to return to the Manage duplicate screen by selecting related candidates and choosing CANDIDATE \ Other \ Manage duplicate candidates.