The privacy field is only displayed when it has been configured to be used for your site.

For this field, the candidate is presented with a selection box - they can either select the option (private) or not (not private).  By selecting this option the candidate is indicating they only wish to be contacted about jobs to which they have applied.  This field defaults to not selected (i.e. not private).

Appearance to candidate

When completing a form where this field appears, the candidate sees this field as a selection box with the text of:

  • Please only consider me for jobs that I have applied for myself.

This wording can be updated using the self-service 'Manage registration questions' functionality.

When viewing their details on the My Details / View my profile page of the careers site, the candidate sees this field labelled "Privacy setting" and either:

  • My details are visible (if they have not selected this field - i.e. not private)
  • My details are hidden except when I apply for a job (if they have selected this field - i.e. private).

Appearance to users

Only users (typically only Recruiter users) who have been granted the permission "Manage private candidates" can search for / view candidates in the Candidates tab who have marked themselves as private (this permission is not required to see the candidate in relation to an application they have submitted).  

If the candidate has selected this field, the privacy marking is added to their profile and the padlock icon is displayed next to their name to users:If you hover over the padlock icon the description "This candidate has marked themselves as private" appears.

TIP:  This privacy marking is not relevant when a candidate applies to a job as their interest is shown via their application and therefore are now happy to converse with you, however, it does mean that candidates who have marked themselves as “private” (padlock icon) should not generally be contacted as the result of a search (i.e. if they have not applied to a specific job you are working on).