How you review applications to your jobs will depend on the type of role, the number of applications, the job application questions you asked of candidates, and your organisation's policies. Some examples might be: 

  1. You might quickly rule out applications from candidates who are already marked as 'Indiscriminate' or similar. 
  2. You might first consider reviewing applications from candidates who are:
  • Marked as 'Top talent' or 'Good talent' (or similar).
  • Marked as Internal applicants.
  • Tagged with a relevant tag. 

Information visible when viewing a bucket

When viewing applications in a bucket (in candidate list view), the columns of information that are visible is determined by the 'bucket view' your organisation has defined - that is, the view for the bucket in the workflow that your job belongs to.  

The current sorting of the list of applications is indicated by the arrow symbol next to the column heading currently being sorted on.  For example:  

You can change the information you are viewing by: 

  1. Re-sorting the information you are currently viewing:
    • The direction of the arrow indicates if the sort is ascending or descending.  Click on the column heading to reverse the current column sorting. 
    • Click on a different column heading to change the column the information is sorted by.
  2. Changing the information displayed by clicking on 'Refine this search', scrolling to the bottom of the search window and changing the 'and customise columns' settings, then click Search now.