When using SnapHire there are some key elements which will almost always be visible to you, one of these is the 'Log ticket' tab if your organization is a client of Aotal APAC Limited, and you have been granted the permission 'Log ticket to Aotal Client Portal from within SnapHire':


This feature gives users access to the Help & Support portal directly from SnapHire.  This allows you send an email to log a ticket with Client Success Team directly from SnapHire, in addition you can search the SnapHire knowledge base held within the client portal.  Your organization may allow all users to log tickets, or only selected key users who are in close contact with the Client Success team.

TIP:  Users who do not have this permission can still use the SnapHire knowledge base within the client portal (permission dependent) via the link within the Support tab.

Using the 'Log ticket' feature

When you click on the 'Log ticket' tab, the 'Help & Support' pop-up window will open:

You can now either send feedback to our team (log a ticket), or search the knowledge base - refer below.

TIP:  To close the pop-up window, click the X to the left of 'Help & Support'.

Send feedback (log ticket) 

The email template is made up of the following fields:


This field will pre-populate with the email address associated with your SnapHire user account.  This cannot be amended in this window.


Please type a subject for your email/ticket.  You must provide content in this field to submit your email.

Message body:
Please tell us about your issue/ request, use the 'Attach a file' / 'Take Screenshot' buttons to provide us with more information.  You must provide content in this field to submit your email.
Job Number / Title (optional):

Provide the related job number or job title.  Please note: Depending on your site configuration this field may not be editable, please contact us for more information at hello@aotal.com.

When you have completed your message, click Send Feedback to send your email request.  An automatic response from the Aotal Client Success team will be emailed to you (at the address indicated in Step 1).

Search Knowledge base

To access the knowledge base:

  1. Click on the search articles link/icon in the top-right of the 'Help & Support' window:
  2. EITHER... Type a key word(s) in the Search box.  The search results of related articles will appear as you type and matches are found.  Click on the title of any of the search results to view the article (opens in a new tab/window).
  3. OR... Click on the 'or Browse articles' link to be taken to the home page of the SnapHire knowledge base within SnapHire (opens in a new tab/window). Please log in to view all available articles: