Tags can only be seen, and therefore removed, by Recruiter users.


To remove a tag(s) from a candidate(s):

  1. Select the candidate(s) you would like to remove a tag(s) from.  Please note:  If you select multiple candidates, they must already have the same group of team or private tags applied to them.
  2. From the Candidate menu select Tagging, and then choose either Private tags or Team tags:
  3. Depending on your selection, the 'Team tags' or 'Private tags' screen will appear:

  4. In the 'Current tags' column, select a tag you wish to remove.

  5. Click 'Remove' - you will see the tag name has moved to the 'Add an existing tag' column.

  6. Choose 'OK' to remove the tag (by applying only what is left in the 'Current tags' column).

TIP:  Tags are self-managing, when a tag is no longer applied to any candidate, the tag label is removed from your site.