Recruiter users can find candidates associated with a tag via the TAGS action menu available in the Candidates tab.  This information is only available via the option TAGS menu because otherwise, SnapHire would need to find, and count, all tags in your site every time you visit the Candidates tab (instead of only when you use the TAGS action menu item).


To see all candidates who are associated with a particular tag:

  1. Click on the Candidates tab.
  2. From the TAGS menu, choose 'Private and team tags':

  3. The tag screen will open:

    • You will see your private tags, followed by your team tags.
    • The number in brackets next to each tag name represents the number of candidates who currently have the tag applied to them.  
    • The tags are listed left to right, and then new rows are added as required.

  4. Click on the tag name to view the candidates to which the tag is currently applied.  For example, clicking on "ChristmasRecruitment (2)" tag:

  5. The tag name(s) assigned to the candidate(s) will be shown after their name.