Tags can only be applied to candidate(s) by Recruiter users when viewing candidate information.


To apply a tag(s) to a candidate(s):

  1. Select the candidate(s) you would like to apply a tag to. Please note:  If you select multiple candidates to tag, the tags you apply will replace any existing tags the candidates may have had.
  2. From the Candidate menu select Tagging, then choose either 'Private tags' or 'Team tags':
    • Private tags - only visible to you, the person applying them.
    • Team tags - only visible to you, the person applying them, and other Recruiter users in the same team as you.
  3. Depending on your selection, the 'Team tags' or 'Private tags' screen will appear:

  4. Select an existing tag from the drop down field, or create a new tag - to do this, type your tag name into the field.
  5. Choose OK to apply the tag(s) to the selected candidate(s). 
  6. Please note:  If you have selected multiple candidates to tag in this process, you can choose whether the new tag(s) should be added to all selected candidates without removing any existing tags, or whether all selected candidates should tags should be set to exactly the new tag, or whether tags should be removed from all selected candidates.


  • When adding a tag, each word that you enter is counted as an individual tag.  Only include spaces if you want to apply multiple tags to the candidate(s).
  • If you have a long tag name you may like to use capital letters to make your label easier to read – e.g. instead of 'oz18recruitmenttrip' you could call it 'Oz18RecruitmentTrip'.
  • Because you can easily create new tags, sometimes accidental duplication occurs - e.g. 'HQAdmin' and 'AdminHQ'.  Please check the existing tags carefully before creating a new tag.
  • There is no limit to the number of tags that can be assigned to an individual candidate.