A 'tag' is a dynamic label or term that Recruiter users can assign to a candidate as/when required.  

You can assign a tag to a candidate when you want to easily find them again in the future, or to group candidates together irrespective of their profiles or job applications. For example; if you often have a requirement for team members across various job types who speak English & Mandarin fluently, you might assign the tag “BilingualEM” to candidates you encounter with these skills. 

When a candidate has a tag assigned to them it means that you can easily find them again by using the 'TAGS' action menu or through searching.

TIP:  If you are trying to decide if a candidate tag or marking is better for your requirement, please refer to this article: Tagging vs. Marking.


Tags can be either:

  • Private - only visible to you.
  • Team - only visible to you, and other Recruiter users in the same team as you.  

Tags can only be applied/viewed/removed by Recruiter users.


  • There is no limit to the number of tags that can be assigned to an individual candidate.
  • There is no limit to the number of tags that can be created on your site.
  • For the tag label, you can use whatever language/label is meaningful to you (and/or to your team if using team tags).
  • As each tag is only made up of the label/name (no other information is required), they are very quick to add.