To set up your organisation's onboarding process(es) in your SnapHire workflow, your Client Success consultant will require your up-to-date onboarding documentation and process information to configure the onboarding in SnapHire for review and sign-off. 

Initial meeting

To begin a meeting between your project lead/team and a Client Success consultant is organised. During this meeting, your consultant will provide a demo of an example onboarding process, discuss your processes, documentation and other requirements and provide an overview of the next steps. 


A Client Success consultant will evaluate your onboarding requirements and your current SnapHire configuration to identify the changes required to the existing workflows and the best configuration approach.

A statement of work will be provided, once this is signed and all requirements have been provided the project can be scheduled with the Client Success team.


Your consultant will configure your onboarding into the required workflows (or on a new workflow). 


Your consultant will provide a demo of the configured onboarding and gather your feedback. Once any required configuration changes have been completed by your consultant, testing instructions will be provided. 

Sign off and go-live

Once your team have completed testing and are happy with the configuration, the new onboarding process can be made live. 

Please contact the Client Success team at hello@aotal.com if you are interested in beginning an onboarding project.