SnapHire onboarding smooths the path for new employees and can deliver and/or capture a wide range of resources and data such as offer acceptance, onboarding checklists, next of kin details, tax forms, pre-employment orientations, videos etc. 

SnapHire onboarding is an extension of the recruitment workflow process delivering a seamless experience for users and candidates. With stages (buckets), actions and emails configured to be specific to your organisations onboarding process. Onboarding experiences can be configured for different workflows, job families or candidate type (current employee vs a new hire). With data captured during the onboarding process in SnapHire available to be shared with other systems such as payroll or your HRIS, either via an integration, email or report.

SnapHire can also connect with other best of breed onboarding platforms such as Enboarder or HROnboard, via the SnapHire Marketplace. To find out more about other onboarding partners, please click on the 'Marketplace' tab when signed into SnapHire, click on the 'Explore' tab and view the 'Onboarding' category. 

Is SnapHire onboarding right for us? 

Here are some indications that SnapHire onboarding may be a great solution for your organisation: 

  • Your team of SnapHire users is currently managing a manual onboarding process involving emailing or posting information to the candidate, who then needs to print and complete physical forms
  • Your current process is difficult to manage with a lack of consistency and visibility
  • You'd like to improve the candidate experience, and remove the burden of printing physical forms/documents
  • Your managers struggle to manage the onboarding process and aren't sure what their next steps are
  • A lot of time is spent entering data into other systems from paper forms, and you'd like to make the process more efficient 

Next steps 

If you're interested in finding out more about SnapHire onboarding, contact the Client Success team for a demo.