User management is an important maintenance task for your SnapHire system administrator(s).

This article covers:

  • Permissions required to manage users
  • Creating new users
  • Searching for users
  • User details
  • Updating user details
  • Inactivating and activating users
  • Changing a users type
  • Signing in as another user

Permissions required to manage users

The Manage users permission grants users the ability to edit the permissions of users, including the user account that is signed in. This permission also allows users to sign in on behalf of other users if the menu option is available.

There are also three permissions for user creation:

  • Create new recruiter
  • Create new manager
  • Create new agency user

These permissions are normally only granted to a few users within an organisation who are responsible for the user management tasks.

Creating new users

If you have the permission to create a new user, the 'New user' menu will be visible under the CREATE menu.

When creating a new manager or recruiter user, enter their first name, middle name (optional), last name, email address and phone number (optional) and click OK. Depending on the configuration of your site, you will either have: 

  • the new user email appear and possibly some additional fields to be answered e.g. the default recruiter for the manager, the users business group, the users location or the recruiters team. The fields that are required for your system setup will be mandatory. Once these have been answered, you can customise the email text if you wish and click OK
  • Or the new user email will be sent automatically, and you will be presented with the details of the newly created user

Please refer to the 'Manage agency users' article for information on creating agency users.

Usually the new user email is available under the USER menu / Send message if you need to resend the email.

New users are created with your sites default permissions for the user type you are creating. If the default permissions need adjusting, please contact the SnapHire Client Success team.

Searching for users

If you have any of the above permissions granted, you will have access to the Users tab, available under the More drop down menu.

You will be presented with all users, and you can use the 'Next' buttons to scroll through the pages. To refine your view, use the 'View' drop down to select the user type or recruiter team (if configured) you want to see. 

Or to search for users, click on the Refine this search button, and use the search fields to create a more specific search.

You may need to find inactive users if an ex-employee returns and needs to be activated or if you can't create a new user because the email has already been used etc.

To quickly search for active users, use the quick search option, available at the top right hand side of the screen. Type in the users name, partial name, email address or phone number to bring up matching active users.

User details

Once you have found a user, click on their name to view their details. This gives you a quick view of their details including their user type, their last access date and time, and a quick link to all the users jobs.

You can see the workflow data that has been assigned to the user e.g. location, default recruiter etc, and their permissions. Click on the name of a permission to view the permission description.

At the bottom of the page you can view the users history, including any updates to their permissions, their user details, emails sent to the user from the USER menu etc. Click on the history item name to view more details.

Updating user details

You can edit the details of users by using the USER menu / Other / Edit details action. If you're not sure what a permission does, click on the name of the permission to view the description. Click OK to save your changes.

You can update other user details by using the USER menu / Assign and select the applicable action. The actions available under this menu will depend on the configuration of your site. 

If you have any questions about these options, please contact the SnapHire Client Success team.

Inactivating and activating users

Use the USER menu / Other / 'Activate user' or 'Inactivate user' actions to update the users status.

The Activate user action will usually be configured to send the user an email to advise them their account has been activated.

Inactivating a user isn't usually configured to send an email and removes the ability for the user to sign into your SnapHire system. It also removes them from lists of active users so they wont accidentally be added as a manager on a job or selected as an approval user etc.

Changing a users type

If you accidentally create a user as a manager when they should be a recruiter or maybe they have changed roles and their SnapHire user type needs to change, you will need to:

  1. Change their email address on their old/incorrect account (e.g. add a number so the correct email address can be reused)
  2. Inactivate the old/incorrect account
  3. Create their new/correct user account using the correct email address

There isn't a way to change an existing accounts user type, and each user account must have a unique user account.

Signing in as another user

Under the USER menu / Other, your site may have the 'Sign in as user' action available. This option can be helpful for testing or supporting users but you must ensure you sign out once you have finished testing or supporting the other user and sign back in as yourself.

For any questions about user management, please contact the SnapHire Client Success team.