If you have been granted the permission 'Create new agency user', you will be able to create new agency users for an existing agency configured on your site (refer to Manage agencies).  This article includes:

Creating agency users

To create an agency user:

  1. Choose CREATE \ New user \ New agency user
  2. A list of all of the agencies setup on your site will appear.  Select the agency the agency user is associated with.
  3. Enter the agency users First name, Middle name (optional), Last name and Email address.
  4. Click OK.
  5. An email is automatically sent to the agency user to advise them of their new account creation (a copy of this can be seen in the User history - refer to the TIP below).

TIP:  When a new agency user is created, if the permission 'Allow agency user to process jobs' is configured for your site to be:

  • Granted by default, the 'Create new processing agency user' action is raised.
  • NOT granted by default, the 'Create new sourcing agency user' action is raised.

Sourcing agency users

Sourcing agency users sign in via your careers site using the 'AGENCY SIGN IN' button, usually found in the careers site footer.

When signed in they can:

  1. Only view jobs that their agency has been invited to assist with.
  2. Only view candidates already created/submitted by themselves or others at their agency.
  3. Create new candidate profiles.
  4. Submit applications on behalf of the candidate to jobs to which their agency has been invited to assist with.
  5. Only submit candidate applications up to the maximum number that has been defined for their agency, for the job.

Processing agency users

The activities a processing agency user can undertake on your site will depend on your organizations configuration. 

If/when you require additional resource to help you with your recruitment activities (e.g. completing phone screening), you may like to consider utilizing a 'processing agency user'.  This is an agency user who has been granted the permission 'Allow agency user to process jobs'.  Please note that before granting this permission, you should ensure a review of the activities available to the processing user has been undertaken.  For more information please contact us at hello@aotal.com.

A processing agency user is able to:

  • Sign in to your SnapHire site like a Recruiter or Manager user (i.e. via your organisations secure login web page instead of via the careers site).
  • Carry out application processing activities for the jobs you associate them with (refer to the 'Job wizard - Associated people tab' article).
  • View action menu branches which have been configured to be visible to agency users.
  • Raise actions (from menus which they can see) which have been configured to be raise-able by 'Job coordinator'.
  • View actions which have been configured to be view-able by 'Job coordinator'

TIP:  When a processing agency user is associated with a job, they automatically become the 'Job coordinator'.  You can see this in the Associated people information in the job details view.  For example:

To make an existing sourcing agency user a processing agency user:

  1. From the user details, choose USER \ Other \ Edit details.
  2. In the Access section of their permissions, select the 'Allow agency user to process jobs' permission.
  3. Choose OK.
  4. The user will need to now sign in via your recruiter site.

TIP: Some organizations grant the permission 'Create new agency user' to the key contact at the agency so they can add new agency users as new consultants start at their agency, however we would not recommend this be granted 'by default'.

Inactivating agency users

You can inactive an account for any agency user who no longer requires access.  Inactivating their account prevents them for accessing SnapHire in any way.

To inactivate a user(s) account:

  1. With the user(s) selected, choose USER \ Other \ Inactivate user.
  2. A warning will appear to advise that if you continue the user(s) will not be able to access SnapHire.  Click OK to confirm.


  • There is no delete user feature in SnapHire at this time.
  • You can find inactivated users by using the 'Refine this search' feature in the Users tab, then using the 'who are active and/or inactive' option.