How do I hire an employee on a different job? 

An employee hired on a child job, wants to be considered for a different child job i.e. a similar role but at a different location

  • Your workflow may be set up with a bucket called "Rehire" or similar. Usually the last bucket on the right past the “Hired” bucket
  • A rehire bucket is used for allowing a hired candidate to be reconsidered for other child jobs from the same pipeline e.g. their fixed-term contract may be finished and they may be interested in being considered for another role, or they may be interested in staying in a similar role but at a different location. 
  • If a candidate's application is moved into a rehire bucket, their application will be visible in the last bucket they were in on the pipeline before they were moved down onto the child job.

What about my hired reporting?

A rehire bucket doesn't un-hire a candidate - your reporting will still show the candidate as hired on the original job.