Can I advertise my child job? 

Generally we recommend you only advertise your pipeline and drive all applications to the pipeline to apply, but if you do wish to advertise a child job for this reason we recommend you have a redirect on the child job to the pipeline job and add some wording to explain this in the child job advert. The redirect button is self-service. Click here to view the redirect solution article. 

Other child job advertising tips

  • You can advertise a child job on other media (e.g. Seek, Trademe etc.), but use the pipeline advert for the apply link
  • Some clients will also advertise their child jobs internally so that employees can apply directly on the child job. Those applications will appear on the bottom line of the child job
  • If a candidate applies for a child job and not the pipeline and are declined, they won’t be on the pipeline to be considered for other roles
  • Advertising a child job can be confusing for candidates who think they have already applied for a job (pipeline), but then see or hear about a child job, but then can’t apply again to the pipeline job