This article includes tips for reviewing applications to a pipeline job.

Screening tips

  • A recruiter user should continually manage applications to keep on top of the volume
  • Review new “Incoming” applications and decline applications unsuitable for ANY position
  • Set out time each week to do this
  • Refine the search for “Incoming” applications based on profile, registration, job questions answers and perform processing actions in bulk
  • Picklists in bucket views can help you sort applications
  • If you use a Marketplace partners e.g. assessment providers, configure automatic requests on the move into a bucket
  • If multiple recruiters are screening on the same pipeline, ensure you all have a shared understanding of the screening out criteria - remember a candidate who isn’t suitable for your location, might be still be suitable for another

Communication tips

  • Regularly communicate with candidates to keep them interested until a suitable job arises
  • Bulk email processing delay apology for older unscreened applications
  • Bulk email shortlisted applications to see if details/situation has changed. Include a request to update their profile and withdrawal options if they are no longer interested
  • Send out bulk SMS if quick responses are needed - good for jobs that need to be filled with short notice
  • Use timed application actions to automate communication
  • Use the Candidate Care app to alert you to applications that have not met processing time targets