The templates available to you may have been filtered so that you are only shown a sub-set of templates that are relevant to your user account. This template filtering is a site setting that your organisation may have chosen to configure (if no template filtering is configured, all templates will be shown).

Template filtering

If enabled it works by:

  1. Using the job-related category that your organisation selected as the filter (e.g. Business group category or Location category).
  2. For each user account, assigning a value for the filter category (e.g. a business group of “Accounting”, or a Location of “Auckland” etc.).
  3. SnapHire then filters the templates available so that only those templates that match the value set for your user account are visible. Please note that if your user account does not have a value set for the template filter category, you will only see templates that also do not have a value set for the relevant filter category.

TIP: As part of the configuration, your organisation specifies the template matching process to be used. The options are combinations of asking SnapHire to match “up” and/or “down” the category tree branches and values. 

Here is an example filtering templates on the Location category, where the user has the Location value of “South Island”:

Up the tree

This means that the matching values are “South Island” (selected value) and “New Zealand”. Please note that “North Island” and “Australia” are not a match because “South Island” is not a sub-value of either of these (i.e. they are different branches). 

Down the tree

This means that the matching values are “South Island” (selected value), as well as all of the sub-values of the branch - “Blenheim”, “Christchurch”, “Dunedin”, “Invercargill”, “Nelson” and “Queenstown”.