To apply a template to an existing job:

  1. Edit the job 
  2. On the 'Job reference' tab, select the template name from the drop-down list
  3. Click the “Apply” button to select which details of the job you wish to overwrite with information from the template. The information that can be populated from a template are: 
    • "Title & key details” tab - Job family/workflow settings 
    • "Categories” tab - all categories available in the job wizard
    • "Description” tab - job advert description text and position description documents (if any)
    • "Questions” tab - Job application questions
    • "Referring” tab - Employee referral details (if the feature is enabled on your site)
    • "Image” tab - job image associated with the job
    • Other tabs - further job details which are available from the template. For example, the Recruiter associated with the job, the Hiring manager associated with the job etc. The items that are available depend on your site configuration
  4. When you have completed your selections, click the “Apply” button to apply the information immediately to your job
  5. You will return to the “Job reference” tab, and your changes from the template will have been applied and saved (you do not need to use the save buttons).

TIP: When managers apply a template to an existing job, they are not asked to confirm which selections should be applied, the default selections for your site are applied. If required, please contact SnapHire Client Success to discuss your organisation's default settings.