This article provides information about the icons and labels you will see associated with a candidate.


When viewing candidate information, a number of icons may be visible.  Please note:

  1. These icons are shown within the 'Name' column, with the exception of 'Multiple active applications' which is shown in the 'Last action' column in the 'Candidates' tab (only).
  2. The table below reflects default SnapHire candidate icons, but your organisation may have added/removed icons as relevant. You can:
    • Refer to the onscreen legend which appears at the bottom of the candidate list:
    • Hover over an icon for more information.

Icon(s) / LabelsThe candidate has:
Included a mobile phone number in their registration information which you can text (SMS) directly from SnapHire if you have the virtual phone enabled on your site.
An employment type of internal team member, external candidate, is a candidate registered on your site via an agency, or be an ex-employee of the organisation.  Please note that the accuracy of the internal, external and ex-employee markings depends on the configuration of your SnapHire site, the business processes you follow and if any integrations control these markings.
Sent in a postal application that has been added to SnapHire by a Recruiter – that is, the candidate has not registered directly into SnapHire.  This is no longer a common process for most organisations, as most now require an online application.
Be a 'User-managed job seeker' where they have been added to SnapHire by a Recruiter who has set them to have a source of 'user managed'.  This sets the candidate profile to be 'Known to: Ricky Recruiter'.  Whilst this is not common for most organisations, there are some circumstances in which this is used.
Been referred to a job by an employee (i.e. their source is 'employee referral') if the employee referral function has been configured on your site.
Marked themselves as 'private' - this means that they only wish to be contacted about jobs to which they have applied.  If the candidate applies to a specific job then this is not relevant as their interest is shown via their application and therefore are now happy to converse. Please note that:

- Depending on your site configuration, candidates may not be given the option to mark themselves as 'private'.
- If you are in the Candidates tab (i.e. not looking at applications in a bucket of a job), Recruiter users will only be able to see/find candidates who are marked as private if they have been granted the 'Manage private job seekers' permission.

More information is available in user information about Talent Searches.
Have the same first and last name to another candidate registered in your SnapHire site.  Click on the Duplicate icon to be shown the other candidate records with the same names so you can check if duplicate records may exist for the same person.  Please refer to the information here to learn about managing Duplicate candidates.
These icons indicate that action has been taken by someone in your organisation in regard to managing duplicate candidates.  Please refer to the information here to learn about managing Duplicate candidates.
Registered on your site via the Sign in with Email app but has not yet provided any details. That is, they are a 'ghost'.
Chosen to unsubscribe from Job Alert emails from your organisation about new vacancies.  They may have done this for a number of reasons - they may not be actively looking for a job, they may be relying on a Recruiter contacting them if a suitable job arises, or they may choose to browse your site from time to time at their leisure.
ACTIVE applications for more than one job at this time.  Please note that this icon is only visible when viewing candidate lists in the Candidates tab (i.e. not in application buckets).
A resume is available for review directly from this screen.  Please note that the icon appears after the candidate's name.  Click on the icon to view it.

Previously been marked with a default SnapHire marking, or one of your organisation's customised markings by someone in your organisation.

The SnapHire defaults are:
- Top Talent: a strong candidate.
- Good Talent: a good candidate.
- Caution: a candidate who should be considered with caution.
- Indiscriminate applier: a candidate who has applied for jobs indiscriminately without considering the advertised requirements of the job.
- Always screen out: if enabled on your site, means that every time they apply their application is automatically declined.
Been associated with one or more 'tags'.  The tag name(s) are shown after the candidate name (e.g. 'bilingual' in the example).
Private tags and Team tags are displayed in different colors - for more details please refer to the information about Tagging.