This article provides information about viewing lists of jobs and includes:

When in job list view:

  • You can select a job(s) and use the Job menu to take actions with one or multiple jobs.  Please note that there are some Job menu items that are not available when you are in the job list view (e.g. Job \ Preview), these will become available when you are viewing the details of a specific job.

  • Directly above the list of jobs, the total number of jobs to be displayed is indicated with links grouped into page views (e.g. '1-30', '31-60' and '60-67'). The '1-30' indicates that the jobs will be displayed in lists of 30 results per screen.  You can change the default number of jobs you see per screen in list view via the 'Number of results in lists of jobs' field in your Account tab.
  • '<-- Previous' and 'Next -->' links are available to help you navigate through multiple pages of results.
  • Each of the job titles is a link - clicking on this link takes you to the job details view.

Default job list view

When you arrive in the Jobs tab, any jobs that are relevant will be shown in a list, for example:  My 'Open' jobs (jobs that are associated with my user account and have the status of 'Open').

You can select from the drop-down list of other 'Search' options at the top of the screen.  Alternatively, you can use the:

TIP:  Which jobs appear by default when you arrive in the jobs tab is set in your account details (via the 'Default job saved search' field) and is indicated by a star when looking at the Search drop-down list.

Sorting order

The job list view is automatically sorted by the 'Creation Date', with the most recently created job appearing at the top.  You can re-sort this list at any time by using the 'Sort jobs by' toolbar which sits directly below the 'Search' box:

The current screen sort is indicated by the arrow symbol next to the name, with the direction of the arrow indicating the sort is either ascending () or descending ().

Job information displayed

When viewing job lists each job title is a link, you can click on the link to quickly review the full job details if/when required.  To the right of the job title, you may also see a notification of '(Incomplete)' if all mandatory information required for the job has not yet been provided:

In addition to the job title link and the '(Incomplete)' notification, other key job information is displayed in the list view.  For example; the job reference, advertisement visibility, key dates etc.


  • Your site configuration may mean that you will see other information appended to the job title as part of the link available in this view.  For example the location might also be included – 'Financial Consultant – Auckland'.
  • Your organization determines which key pieces of information are to be included in the summary information.

Application buckets and flags

On the right of the job titles and key information, you will see application 'buckets' that relate to any job displayed in the list.  

Bucket names are customized for your organisation and will appear in regular style if they are an 'active' bucket, or underline style if they are an 'inactive' bucket (i.e. an application that is contained within this bucket is no longer active):

For each bucket of the job you will see either zero or a number to indicate the number of applications currently in that bucket:

A red flag next to a number indicates that there has been new activity in the bucket for your review.  When you have clicked into the bucket, the flag will change to grey (and will disappear altogether after your current session): 

TIP:  Your organization may have chosen to disable the red flag icon functionality.