If available on your site, you can use the copy job function to create a copy of the selected job.

Please note that many sites do not offer the ability to copy a job, this is for a variety of reasons including to:

  • Ensure that the business information provided for the job via the job wizard is completed in full and not copied from an existing job (e.g. a justification for the new vacancy).
  • Avoid unintentionally assigning the incorrect job families in the identification tab of the job wizard.  Choosing the wrong job families combination may impact on the tabs that are displayed in the job wizard (and therefore the information collected about a job), the registration questions the candidate is asked to complete when applying for the job, and the process the application is taken through once received.  
  • Ensure that job-specific application questions are created from either the latest set of your organisation's default job questions or from up-to-date templates that your organisation manages.  If job questions are copied from an old job, there is a high risk that the questions may be out-of-date or have been altered by a user to suit the old job.  
  • Avoid copying any old job-related values which may or may not still be active.

Copying a job

If available on your site,  copy a job by:

  1. Select the job you wish to copy.
  2. Choose the JOB \ Copy menu option.
  3. Enter a new job reference number (if required).
  4. Click Create.  
  5. After the job has been created, please ensure that you check/update all of the job wizard information for the new job.  

TIP:  If the copy feature is available on your site, it may be configured in such a way that some of the information recorded in your organisation's customized job wizard tabs is not copied.