This article details how to start the hiring approval process - please note that before you begin:

  • The job must have been created in SnapHire
  • All the relevant information entered so that the Approvers will have enough information to make a decision (for more information about creating a job, please refer to user information about the Job Wizard in this folder).

Starting the job approval process

To start the Job Approval process:

  1. The job must be marked as 'Waiting for Approval':
    • Use the JOB \ Job Approval menu to take this action - the specific menu path will depend on your organisations configuration (and note that your organisation may call the 'Mark as waiting for approval' menu item by a different name or this step may be configured as the last tab in the job wizard).
    • Depending on your site configuration this action may also include the step 2 (below) as part of the process.
    • This changes the job status from its current status (generally 'Draft'), to 'Waiting for Approval' and also turns on the Job Approval widget to allow you to update the Job Approval Chain for the job if required. 
  2. The Job Approval Process must be started. 
    • This process is started from either the JOB \ Job Approval menu or from within the Job Approval Widget depending on your site setup (it is defined by who initiates the action and whether or not it is combined with the step above). 
    • Once the Job Approval process has been started, SnapHire automatically emails the first person in the Job Approval chain.


  • In some organisations the hiring manager may complete some of these steps (for example, they might create the job and mark as waiting for approval).
  • Your organisation can define what status the job must have at the time the Job Approval process is allowed to begin.  For example; your site may be restricted so that only jobs with a status of Draft are allowed to start a Job Approval process ('Waiting for Approval', 'Not Approved' and 'Approved' are also often allowed).