The Job Approval process works by stepping, one by one, through the list or 'chain' of people required to approve the vacancy.  Job Approval chains within your organisation can be set up either as 'custom' or 'default' chains.  

  • A custom chain means that for each job vacancy, the user (with the permissions 'Can create and start job approval') needs to specify the Approvers that need to be involved.  
  • A default chain means that each manager has an approver pre-assigned to them – this is often their line manager.  

For example; John Smith reports to Peter Black and Peter needs to approve all of John’s requests to recruit new people, therefore John’s approver could be pre-assigned as Peter Black. If Peter has Mary Green pre-assigned as his Approver then John’s approval chain would go from Peter to Mary (if Peter felt that Mary needed to approve the role, otherwise he could have 'Finally Approved' (if enabled on your site) the vacancy which also completes the Job Approval process).