If job approval functionality is configured on your site, you can request (within SnapHire) that a list of people review the specific details of a job and grant their approval to begin recruitment.  These people are referred to as 'Approvers' and who is involved in the process is determined by your organisational structure.  The Job Approval process is tracked through SnapHire and the information gathered remains a part of the job record for future reference.

As organisations select different Job Approval setup options to meet their specific requirements this section only covers the generic functionality of the job approval process.  For more information please review the articles in this folder, or contact us at hello@aotal.com.

If Job Approval is enabled on your site, you will see three related job statuses in the view drop-down box on the job tab - by default these are called 'Waiting for approval', 'Not approved' and 'Approved'.