This article provides information about the booking process including:

Sending appointment invites

To send an email invitation to your appointment:

  1. Select the applicant(s) you want to invite.
  2. Choose the appropriate Invite menu option from the APPLICATION menu and then click OK.  This menu path is configured for your organisation, but as an example APPLICATION \ 1st interview \ Send invite.
  3. When you attempt to invite an applicant to your appointment, Appointment Booker checks to ensure there are enough appointment slots available, and that any free slots will still provide the recipient with the minimum 'Notice required (hours)' and the 'Minimum number of choices' (either 1 or 2 choices can be configured for the appointment type).  If more slots are required, a warning message will appear:
  4. Use the 'Manage slots' link to launch the calendar view and create more slots – when you close the calendar view you will be returned to the Invite action you were attempting to generate.
  5. The selected applicant(s) will be sent an email invite, including a link to click on to schedule their appointment.  In addition, their application will be automatically moved into the 'invited' bucket in the workflow.

Applicant booking

This information is included for your reference only as Appointment Booker looks after the applicant booking process. 

  1. The applicant receives your email invite – this includes a link to their profile and instructions to click on the 'Book you XX' button (e.g. 'Book your phone screen').  
  2. When they click on the button they see the available slots.  For each slot the date/time, time zone and location details of the appointment are displayed.
  3. After selecting their preferred slot and clicking the Submit button, the applicant sees an onscreen 'Thank you for your response' message, and is automatically sent an appointment confirmation email. Their application is also automatically moved to the 'booked' bucket.

TIP:  When the applicant is viewing the available slots, a message appears above the slots telling them what to do if there are no suitable slots available.  If your organisation has not amended this message, then this default will be shown:

No suitable times?

If none of these times are suitable, please contact us.

Cancelling a booking

To cancel any booked appointment:

  1. Select the applicant(s) in the 'booked' bucket.
  2. Choose the appropriate cancellation menu option from the APPLICATION menu.  This menu path is configured for your organisation, but as an example APPLICATION \ 1st interview \ Cancel appointment.  Click OK.
  3. An email message confirming the appointment cancellation will automatically be sent to the applicant and the appointment slot they held will automatically be freed up.
  4. IMPORTANT:  Once the appointment is cancelled, you should take one of the following actions with their application:
    • EITHER Invite the applicant to book another appointment – this will move their application from the 'booked' to the 'invited' bucket.
    • OR book a new appointment on their behalf – this will leave them in the 'booked' bucket but will send them a confirmation email for their new appointment.
    • OR move the application to another bucket (e.g. Screened out).

Booking on behalf of an applicant

To book an appointment on behalf of an applicant:

  1. Select the applicant who you wish to book an appointment for.
  2. Choose the appropriate booking on behalf type menu option from the APPLICATION menu.  This menu path is configured for your organisation, but as an example APPLICATION \ 1st interview \ Book on behalf.  
  3. Select an existing slot OR add a new slot to book the applicant into:
    • Select from the existing available slots on the right-hand side.
    • OR use the 'Create some additional slots' link to launch the calendar to add slot(s) which for the job and available to all invited applicants.  When you close the calendar, you will be returned to the book on behalf action you came from, and the new slot(s) will be available for selection.
    • OR use the 'set a date and time' link to create an impromptu appointment to set a date and time for this applicant only (if allowed for the Appointment Type by your organization).  After specifying a date/time the new slot will be available for selection.
  4. Click OK to send the appointment confirmation to the applicant and move their application to the 'booked' bucket.

Printing an appointment list

If required, you can create a PDF Appointment List to print.  This list will include information about slot location, date, time, attendees etc.  The layout and details included in this list may have been tailored by your organisation.

To print:

  1. From the calendar view, use the print appointment information button.  This list will include the slots currently displayed in your calendar (5 day week view, looking at next week).
  2. OR from the Appointment Slots widget, use the Appointment list link to generate a PDF of all appointments from the current day onwards.