Why use Appointment Booker?

Arranging phone screens, interviews and other recruitment events can be a frustrating exercise involving repeated phone messages, emails and plenty of wasted time for your organisation and your candidates.  From a candidate's perspective, some automated interview scheduling systems can appear impersonal, with candidates getting little or no chance to select days/times that suit their own schedules.  

SnapHire's Appointment Booker is different.  It’s a fully automated, candidate self-service tool designed with them in mind – when configured for your organisation it gives the candidate an online, easy-to-use facility where they can choose from available appointment slots that work for them, and you. The emphasis in Appointment Booker is to minimise the amount of work that you need to do, and at the same time give the applicant the best experience possible.

If your organisation is not currently utilizing Appointment Booker, please contact us at hello@aotal.com for more information about the feature and its configuration options.

Overview of the appointment booker process

The complete process of using Appointment Booker is described in detail in other articles in this folder, but the key steps are:

  1. Create appointment slots for the available days/times for the appointment type (e.g. 1st interview).
  2. Invite applicants, individually or in bulk, to your appointment via SnapHire.  This process sends an email invitation to the applicant(s) and Appointment Booker looks after the process from here.
  3. Following a link in the email they have received, the applicant views the appointment slots that are available to them.  If multiple applicants have been invited to the appointment, the selection of available slots grows smaller as others book in.  Appointment Booker will ensure that even the last applicant to book will always have at least two appointment slots to choose from (unless your organisation has determined that it’s OK for the last person to book to have only one choice).  When the applicant selects an appointment slot, SnapHire automatically sends an email confirmation of their appointment.

If required, you can also: 

  • book an appointment on behalf of an applicant
  • cancel a booked appointment
  • print a list of appointments