If enabled on your site, you can submit one or more requests to generate these reports.  Depending on your site configuration, typically these reports can be generated via the:

  • JOB menu - to include details about all candidates (and their applications) who are in a specified bucket for the job.
  • APPLICATION menu - to include details about a selected candidate(s).

Submitting a request

To submit a bulk print request

  1. For a job report, choose JOB \ Other \ Bulk Print Generator (or similar, depending on your site configuration). 
    1. The 'Perform bulk print on applications' screen will appear.
    2. Select the bucket you would like to report on (e.g. Incoming).
  2. Or select the application(s) you'd like to report on, then choose APPLICATION \ Other \ Bulk Print Generator (or similar, depending on your site configuration). 
  3. From the options available, select the content you’d like to include - these options include:
    1. a report cover page (only applicable to reports generated from the JOB menu)
    2. applicants details
    3. applicants CV’s
    4. other applicant documents (e.g. cover letters)
  4. Click GO to submit your request.  Please note that depending on the number of candidates/application files included this may take between a few seconds to a few minutes to submit (during this time SnapHire is spooling every candidate file required).
  5. Once submitted you will be returned to the Bulk Printing screen and your request will generally begin generating immediately (or be queued to print).  It takes several seconds per applicant to prepare your request, depending on the number and size of their attached documents.

Multiple print requests

Each recruiter can only have one bulk printing request generated at a time, however, you can submit other bulk printing requests to the queue to begin after the current job has been completed.  Also please note that the number of jobs you can submit to the queue has a specific limit for your site.  This is to ensure that all recruiters can have timely access to these reports, please contact us at hello@aotal.com if you would like to review your limit.