After an application has been marked as 'Waiting for Approval' the 'Hiring approval widget' is available on the candidate details view.  This widget shows the people involved in the approval chain and the status of the approval process.

Viewing the widget

The 'Hiring approval' widget appears on the right-hand side of the candidate details view:

Using the widget

As a recruiter, if you have the below permissions you can use the links available to you on the hiring approval widget:

Permission 'Can create and start hiring approval': 

  • Send reminder to an Approver
  • Answer on behalf of an Approver (typically where you have had a discussion with them)
  • Add user or Remove user to/from the chain

Permission 'Can override hiring approval':

  • If required you can also interrupt the approval process and choose to 'Approve this request now' or 'Disapprove this request now'