This article describes the options available in the 'Categories' tab of the job wizard.  If you have been granted the permission 'Can view and edit categories tab', this tab will be available.  Any instructions that appear at the top of this tab may have been tailored for your organization. 

This article includes:

About category information

Your organization defines:

  • All of the categories that are visible in this tab.
  • The order in which the categories appear within the two sections ('Job specific' and 'Profile/search agent' categories).
  • Then for each category:
    • The view type used for the category.
    • The values available within each category, and the order in which they appear.
    • Whether single or multiple values can be selected for the category.
    • Whether or not you are able to select branch values for the category.
  • If any category values should be automatically set using information assigned to your user account when creating a new job (not from a template).  For example; your user account has been assigned the location information of 'Auckland', and your site has been configured to map the 'Location' category from your user account, so 'Auckland' would be automatically populated into the Location category.

TIP: Your organisation can create and update categories, category values and their settings using the Category Self-Service functionality. For more information, please read the related articles.

Job specific categories

These categories appear first within the categories tab.  These selections categorize the job for Recruiter searching and management reporting purposes and are not visible to candidates.

Profile/Search agent categories

As well as being useful for Recruiter searching and management reporting purposes, these selections are used to profile the job for candidates when they are searching on the careers site, as well as for the automated email job alert matching process and the 'Candidate match' process.

TIP:  Where a category is hierarchical (that is, the list is made up of options grouped by headings), be careful when selecting an actual heading as your job will match ALL candidates who have selected any of the specific options under that heading.  If your job does not truly match every specific option under the heading, your job alerts may be perceived as 'spamming' by the candidate.

Category views

For each category, your organization will have determined whether it should be displayed within this tab in 'List box' or 'Auto suggest box with tree' view.

'List box' view

This view shows all the values available with a scroll bar on the right to move up and down the list:

If the category has hierarchical values, you will see folders with arrows next to them (as seen in the example) which you can click on to expand/collapse the view.  You can select/deselect values by clicking on the box to the left of the value name.

'Auto suggest box with tree' view

This view does not display all of the available values, instead, it shows only the existing selection(s), or no value (if no selection has been made):

To select a value:

  1. In the text box, start typing the name of a value.  As you type possible matches will appear, and narrow as you type more characters.
  2. When you see the value you’d like to select, click on it with your mouse (or select using your arrow keys, then enter).

TIP:  If you are not familiar with the options available in the category, you can click on the 'Show tree' button to review all the values for the category (and then select/deselect as appropriate).

To remove a value:

  1. Click on the 'Remove' button to the right of the value.