You can determine if the registration and/or application of the candidate we via an employee referral in several ways.


When a candidate has the source of employee referral, the referral program icon will appear next to their name.  If your organisation has not customized the icon for the referral program then the default icon will appear: 

Candidate details

When candidates who have been referred to a job within your organisation visit your careers site using the link they were provided, the employee referral sourcing information is available to SnapHire.  That means if they register and/or apply to the job while visiting the site, the referral information will be recorded.  How/what registration and/or application sourcing information captured is detailed in these two sourcing-related articles:

You can check the registration or application source of a candidate at any time by reviewing the candidate details screen.  

  1. The registration source appears on the left-hand side under the heading 'Candidate data':
  2. The application source appears on the right-hand side under the heading 'Application data':