If the Employee Referral functionality has been enabled on your site, and you have been granted the permission 'Can view and edit referring tab', the 'Referring' tab will be available in the job wizard for you to indicate whether or not the job is eligible for the referral program.


  • Any instructions which appear at the top of this tab may have been tailored for your organisation.  Use this tab to set/edit the referral settings for the job.
  • If your organisation operates a referral program that does not carry a referral bonus, all references to amounts will not be visible.

Mark the job as referable

To mark a job as referable (as part of the employee referral program), in the Referring tab:

  1. Select 'Eligible'.
  2. If your organisation operates a bonus-based referral program, you will see the applicable default referral amount.  If you have been granted the permission 'Can override referral bonus', you will be able to amend the referral amount for this job if required.
  3. Use one of the save buttons to apply your changes.
  4. When your job is open and visible to internal candidates (employees), they will be able to see that the job is eligible for your employee referral program.  This is indicated by an icon (selected during the configuration of this feature) which is displayed next to the job title.  For example:

  5. Next to the Apply option(s), the internal candidate will see a button to refer this job to a friend (which emails the friend and provides a link to the job).  Any referrals generated through this process are automatically tracked and can be reported on.


  • Please note that any monetary amounts that appear are defined by your organisation during the configuration process.
  • Review more information about the Employee Referrals function.