If your organisation runs an Employee Referral Program (ERP), then the Employee Referral functionality available in SnapHire can assist you by:

  1. Allowing appropriate users to indicate if a job is eligible for the scheme.
  2. Providing employees a 'refer a friend' link via the careers site to tell other people about the job, and track the referral automatically and transparently.
  3. Providing information within SnapHire, and/or via reporting to help you analyse and manage your employee referral program efficiently.

Referral bonus

When configuring Employee Referrals for your organisation you can determine if referrals should carry bonus.  Where a bonus applies, the configuration options are:

  1. The number of days until which a referral expires - once this many days have elapsed after the referral of a candidate, a referral bonus is no longer payable if they are hired.
  2. The default referral bonus - this is used as the default for the bonus amount on new jobs.  Only users who have been granted the permission 'Can override referral bonus' will be able to amend the referral amount from the default.
  3. Maximum referral bonus - this is the maximum that the bonus can be set to on any job (by a user who has been granted the permission 'Can override referral bonus').

'Referring' tab in the job wizard

When the Employee Referrals feature has been configured on your site, users can mark jobs as eligible for the program via the Job wizard - 'Referring' tab.

Referral program icon

When configuring Employee Referrals for your organization you can determine if the icon displayed to employees should be customized, otherwise the default icon will be used.  For example:

Information for employees about how the program works are detailed here.