A pipeline 'child' job is created when an actual vacancy arises that needs to be filled.  As soon as it is created, SnapHire shows you the candidates that are an initial match to your child job based upon the category selections made by the candidate.  For example; a Sales Assistant role for the Albany store has arisen and you have created a child job for the vacancy.  SnapHire immediately provides you with a view of all candidates who have expressed interest in Sales Assistant roles (via the parent job), and who are interested in working in the Albany location.

A user who has been granted the 'Can create pipeline child jobs' permission is able to create child jobs from a 'parent' pipeline job.

This article includes:

Viewing 'child' job information

When viewing a list of jobs, the small funnel icon indicates that it is a child pipeline job (parent pipeline jobs have a larger funnel icon). For example:

When you are viewing the job details, you can see information about the pipeline child job configuration under the heading 'Status':

  1. In the 'Type of job:' field you will clearly see that it is a child job, and what profile/search agent categories matches are used.  For example:

  2. In the 'Pipeline job:' field there is a link to take you to the parent job.  For example:

TIP:  Standard jobs (i.e. not Pipeline jobs) display the information 'Standard (not a child job or pipeline) for the 'Type of job:' field in the 'Status' section of the job details.

Visibility of child jobs

Child jobs do not need to be advertised as a pool of matching candidates from the parent job will be available to you as soon as the job is created (SnapHire shows you which candidates are an initial match to your child job based upon the category selections made by the candidate).  Please note that there are some circumstances in which your organization may require child jobs to be advertised, with applications submitted directly to the child job and not via the parent pipeline pool (e.g. internal advertising/applications). 

Reviewing candidate matches

On the child job you can review the candidates matched by SnapHire (based upon the profile/search agent category selections) and determine which ones you would actually like to progress with for your specific vacancy.  This matching process also means that the candidate only needs to submit one application (to the parent job) even though they may be considered for many actual vacancies (child jobs).

Processing applications on child jobs

When processing applications against your child job, you can also make decisions about candidates that apply to the entire pipeline – this is most beneficial in screening out candidates that will never be suitable for any jobs associated with this pipeline.  For example; you interview a candidate for your Sales Assistant position in Albany and decide that this candidate is not suitable for your specific vacancy, and would not be suitable for a Sales Assistant role in your other locations either.  You could decide not to progress their application for Albany, and at the same time decline their application from the Parent pipeline job so they are not considered for other Sales Assistant positions in the future.