The main pipeline job (the 'parent') acts as a funnel through which candidates apply, this means that the applications of interested candidates are held against this job.

A Recruiter user who has been granted the 'Can create pipeline jobs' permission is able to create the main pipeline job (the 'parent' job).  

Important considerations

It is important that the main pipeline 'parent' job:

  1. Has appropriate job advertisement text to ensure that candidates understand that if they submit an application it is for general consideration for the type of job or group of jobs, and that they are not submitting an application for a specific current opening.
  2. Has well-thought-out job application (screening) questions set up prior to opening the job for applications (in order to cover all related child jobs that might be associated with this parent job).
  3. Is advertised on your careers site, often with no close date (and through other media as required).

Viewing 'parent' job information

When you are viewing the job details, you can see information about the pipeline parent job configuration under the heading 'Status'.  In the 'Type of job:' field you will see which of the profile/search agent categories are going to be used for matching (when child jobs from this parent exist).  For example:

TIP:  Standard jobs (i.e. not Pipeline jobs) display the information 'Standard (not a child job or pipeline) for the 'Type of job:' field in the 'Status' section of the job details.