Pipeline recruitment is a proactive, strategic recruitment approach. Pipelines are a great fit when a typical candidate might be a good potential fit for many similar or same positions (typically the same position at more than one location).  For example; a Sales Assistant role that is the same, regardless of the store they work in.

Candidates express their interest in a role or group of roles by submitting a generic application through one advertised job (the 'parent' pipeline job).  When an actual vacancy arises that needs to be filled, a child job is created off the parent pipeline and SnapHire immediately presents the new and prescreened applications that are a match to your child jobs category profile.

For a detailed overview, please watch the pipeline webinar: 

More information

As Pipeline is a complex feature that is tailored for each organisation, the articles available in this folder are intended to provide an overview of the key concepts, and may not provide the level of detailed information you need with regard to how to set up and/or manage your organisation specific pipelines.  Please contact Client Success for more information or assistance.