The job wizard is a tool designed to collate all of the key pieces of information about a job that is required to make your recruitment process professional, efficient and easy to report on.  The job wizard is configurable and will step you through the tabs of information to ensure both required (mandatory) and optional job information is collected appropriately.  

This article provides information about navigating the SnapHire job wizard when creating a new job / editing an existing job.  As most organizations configure the job wizard to meet their specific needs, you may see additional tabs and/or fields in the job wizard to those mentioned in these articles - please contact us (hello@aotal.com) if you require more information.  

This article includes: 

Launching the job wizard

The job wizard will launch automatically when you:

  • Create a new job using the CREATE menu, and choose one of the following options:
    • New job - if you have been granted the permission 'Can create jobs'.
    • New pipeline job - if you have been granted the permission 'Can create pipeline jobs'.
    • New pipeline child job - if you have been granted the permission 'Can create pipeline child jobs'.
  • Edit an existing job using the JOB \ Edit menu (if you have been granted the permission 'Can edit jobs'):

TIP:  The site setting 'Disable managers from creating jobs' overrides the user permissions described above.  Therefore, if your site uses this setting, your manager users will not be able to create jobs even if the permission(s) have been granted to them.

Job wizard tab layout

When you have launched the job wizard you will see all of the applicable job wizard tabs on the left.  The job wizard will move you through the standard SnapHire tabs, and then the tabs configured for your organization.  The standard SnapHire tabs are as detailed in this article, however, please note that some tabs are not visible unless specific functions have been configured on your site/permissions have been granted to you:

Create (& Cancel) buttons

After the job wizard has been launched to create a new job, the 'Job reference' tab will be open and the CREATE buttons will be visible at the top and bottom of the tab.  After completing the required information, click 'CREATE' button to submit your information and move to the next tab of the job wizard:TIP:  After the job wizard has been launched to create a new job, until you click a 'CREATE' button there will also be a 'CANCEL' button available. Click this button to cancel the creation of the new job.

Save buttons

When working on an existing job, the Save buttons are available at the top and bottom of the job wizard tabs. Depending on the tab you are in you may see some, or all, of the save options: 

Use the Save buttons to save your changes and move to the previous or next tabs, or use the Save and Finish button to save your changes and exit the job wizard. 

Tab jump

You can jump directly to a different tab of the job wizard by clicking on the tab name on the left.  Please note that if you have changed any information in the tab you are currently in, it will not be saved when you jump to another tab (instead, use the save buttons):

Mandatory fields

When viewing each tab of information, a red asterisk (*) next to the name of a field indicates that it is mandatory to complete the field before the tab can be saved. 

Incomplete tabs

Where a warning symbol appears next to the name of a tab, it indicates that the tab contains one or more fields that are mandatory, but have not yet been completed:

A job is considered 'incomplete' until all mandatory information has been provided.  The '(Incomplete)' state information is also displayed next to the job title when looking at a list of jobs.

TIP:  Some actions on your site may be configured so that you are unable to raise them if the job has a state of '(incomplete)'.  For example, you may not be able to change the status of a job to 'Open and visible ...' (i.e. to advertise it on your careers site) if the job has a state of '(incomplete)'.