The 'incomplete registration' (ghost) candidate icon is applied to candidates who have registered on your site via the Sign in with Email app but have not yet provided their first and last names and had their registration source recorded.  

The icon looks like this:

This article includes:

Icon application and removal

When a candidate registers on your site via the Sign in with Email app:

  1. They provide their email address and password, then click Sign up:

  2. They are sent an email with a link to click on to verify their account.

  3. When the candidate clicks on the verification link they have received, their profile in SnapHire is created.

  4. At this point, they have not provided even their first name and last name, so the 'incomplete registration' (ghost) icon is applied to the candidate profile:  

  5. When the candidate provides their first and last names and has their registration source recorded (either automatically after following a sourced link, or manually by selecting from the available source options), the icon is automatically removed.

TIP:  If the first name and/or last name information is later removed, the 'incomplete registration' icon is not reapplied.

'Incomplete registration' and search results

If you have been granted the permission 'Can create and search job seekers', there are two search options that relate to the 'Incomplete registration' candidate marking.

Quick search

To use this search feature:

  1. In the quick search drop-down (top-right of SnapHire)
  2. Enter your search criteria, then press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon

  3. Your search results will appear  

  4. The results will include candidates with the 'Incomplete registration' icon applied to them.  

TIP:  If required, your organisation can request a configuration change which means 'incomplete registration' candidates are NOT included when using the quick search feature.  Please contact Client Success to discuss this further.

Candidates tab

By default, this search feature ignores the 'incomplete registration' marking - that is, all candidates that match your other search criteria will be included.

If required, you can include some related 'incomplete registration' information in your search criteria:

  1. In the Candidates tab, use the 'More' filter to view other candidate details that can be filtered.
  2. Find the 'Registration status' drop down and choose the relevant option: