Candidates can only reply to text messages they receive from you via SnapHire - that is, they need to have a message via the Virtual Phone to reply to.

Reply message notifications

When you are signed in to SnapHire, every time you refresh your page it will check if there are any new reply messages for you (i.e. for your user account only). 

  1. When a new reply is received your Virtual Phone will appear automatically even if you are not viewing candidate information.  For example:
    • When viewing candidate information, the reply notification will be displayed below the send button within the Virtual Phone:
    • When viewing any other information the reply notification will be displayed above the action menus:
  2. The reply notification will stay visible until you delete it using the 'delete' button available within the message window.  Clicking on the 'delete' button simply deletes the notification, it does not delete the message (refer below).

Response message content

Messages you receive:

  • Can only be up to 170 characters long - if the candidate sends you a longer message, it is simply truncated.
  • The message will be visible to you, and other SnapHire users, in the candidate‚Äôs history under the heading 'SMS History'.