Directly from SnapHire, you can send text messages to candidates individually or in 'bulk'.


To send a message:

  1. Select the candidate(s) you want to message.
  2. Type your message into the virtual phone screen (up to 150 characters).  You can use the 'Clear' link to remove the message you have typed if you need to.
  3. Messages sent via the virtual phone will appear to come 'from' a randomly assigned mobile number, which is not specific to you or your SnapHire site.  Therefore we recommend that:

    • You include your organisation name as part of the text message so that the candidate knows who it is from.

    • If you want the candidate to call you, remember to include the number you want them to call.

    • Include your name if appropriate.

  4. Click the send arrow:
  5. Your message will be sent and the virtual phone screen will display a confirmation (above your message), along with an update about the current monthly text balance for your organisation).
  6. A copy of the message you have sent is added to the candidate history under the heading 'SMS History'.